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Summary: Introduction to the history of West College Scotland, James Watt - Greenock's most famous son, our links to Andrew Carnegie and the college's centenary celebrations.

Welcome to a history of West College Scotland. For over 100 years our college has grown and developed into one of Scotland's biggest centres of further and higher education. We have brought together some words and pictures which cover different periods of our college's proud history.

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James Watt - local hero

West College Scotland is named after one of the country's most famous inventors. James Watt was a pioneer and innovator who invented powerful new versions of the steam engine, and changed the face of engineering and industry around the world.

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Founded 1908 by Andrew Carnegie

The college originally opened as James Watt Memorial College in 1908, which was built with funds donated by another famous Scot, Andrew Carnegie, and still stands in Greenock. Over the years, the changing demands of commerce and industry highlighted the need for a new, purpose built college. Our existing Finnart Campus opened in 1973.

The 1970s witnessed a move away from traditional heavy industries into other areas of commerce and as a result, the college adapted to offer a different education focus. Rising to this challenge, we developed courses for new and emerging business needs and dramatically expanded the student population base, becoming a truly international education provider welcoming students from around the globe.

Centenary Celebrations

From June 2008 through to 2009 West College Scotland celebrated its centenary years with a range of events and activities. As part of these Centenary Celebrations 11 students and 4 members of staff travelled to Malawi. The trip lasted 9 days and during that time the students got to participate in many activities/projects with the Malawian students. The College continues to develop relations with Malawi. More about these ongoing projects here.

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